DHARBAI GRASS MAT / தர்ப்பை புல் பாய் ( 2' x 2' )

DHARBAI GRASS MAT / தர்ப்பை புல் பாய் ( 2' x 2' )

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DHARBAI GRASS MAT / தர்ப்பை புல் பாய்

SIZE : 2' x 2' ( IN FEET )

  • Meditation - Makes us Calm Stable Focused and Brings in Clarity

  • An Ideal Meditation mat- should enhance the benefits of meditation by making it more effective

  • Dharbai - Retains energy gained through meditation and thereby keeps us stable and focused

  • Dharbai - Attracts positive energy and blocks negative energy

  • Dharbai grass - Used by ancient Indian sages for meditation as it prevents discharge of energy from our body to earth

  • Travel friendly - Designed in such a way so that it can be folded and carried when you are on travel so that you can practice meditation wherever you go and enjoy the benefits of meditation