PURE VETIVER MAT / வெட்டிவேர் பாய் (2' x 1.6')

PURE VETIVER MAT / வெட்டிவேர் பாய் (2' x 1.6')

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PURE VETIVER MAT / வெட்டிவேர் பாய்

SIZE : 2' x 1.6' ( IN FEET )

Quantity : 1


  • Vetiver root has a wide range of application - Natural Cooling agent. Vetiver is specially known for its natural and earthy fragrance.

  • It can be used during travelling time to reduce body heat.

  • Meditation mat that refreshes the ambience : Pleasant and natural fragrance from Vetiver refreshes the ambience and creates at atmosphere suitable for meditation

  • Calms and Balances the mind : Vetiver is know for its anti-inflammatory effect. Meditation when practised upon vetiver mat leads to a serene state of mind effortlessly

  • Reduces anxiety : Vetiver is known for its grounding effect. When we just sit upon vetiver mat , we feel deeply relaxed and grounded

  • Improves Focus : A calm and balanced mind naturally gets focused. As vetiver keeps us calm , we get focused spontaneously when meditate upon vetiver mat

  • Gives good sleep : Deep relaxing aroma from Vetiver, provides a deep and peaceful sleep

  • Harmonizes Body Mind and Emotions : Excess or unbalanced heat within us is the main cause of anxiety or lack of focus. Vetiver has natural cooling effect. Just sitting upon vetiver mat for a while removes excess heat/balances body heat and brings in harmony within us